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Kirby, the Hero of Hyrule by tsvlink25
Kirby, the Hero of Hyrule
Made as a gift for a friend who loves both Kirby and Zelda--Kirby took a little more than Link's attack this time around..
Toon Link and Meta Knight by tsvlink25
Toon Link and Meta Knight
Drawn as a birthday gift for a best friend of mine~
Costume Party by tsvlink25
Costume Party
Link, dressed as the King of Red Lions, and Tetra, dressed as Linebeck.

Completely inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes.
Living life, we only want one thing: self happiness. You may claim to want your friends, or others, to be happy, but that is what drives your own personal self happiness.

The smallest things can create the illusion of happiness: A garden, happily growing larger by the day; thus representing expanding friendships. Social life is a garden; it only wants to grow, and it can be beautiful. A simple laugh can bear the illusion of happiness as well; thus a water ripple in a lake, caused by skipping a rock. The rock, being the cause of laughter, ripples the water on touch, also known to be the laugh. Moments later, however, the thin ripples of laughter on the smooth face of water simply disappear, and the moment is gone.

For each person, insects of depression slowly come into our beautiful garden of life. Day by day, they progress, slowly making the garden smaller. Soon enough, you become the only remaining plant. The lone rose, in a garden filled with the darkness of depression. The reality slowly takes over in our brains, "Nobody else is really gone; I am the only one infected, bitten by the demons of sadness. Nobody will help me."

The venom of depression fills our veins, day by day, as we slowly die of who we once were, and a dead rose begins to form in our place.

Suddenly, but with such perfect timing, as you are sure that the illusion of happiness will never enlighten us again, another rose grows next to you. The beautiful rose, with red petals that shine brightly in the sunlight. It bobs upwards and downwards, ever so slightly, slowly restoring life to your dying petals.

As the rose before you slowly makes a healing effect on you, you bear a slight smile. At that one instance of a smile, the new rose embraces you, restoring all life to your petals, and making you shine beautifully as well. You close your eyes for one instant, letting go a small tear of joy.

This was true happiness, only to be caused by the person meant to be with you.
This, was soft happiness.
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